Smokers are meant to be seasoned but there are times that you might want to start over and fully clean your smoker inside and out.  Or you may want to go for a minimal cleaning of the racks and the outside.

Hand Cleaning of the Following:
  • Inside Walls

  • Smoker Box

  • Drip Pans

  • Smoker Door

  • Pull Out Tray

  • Vacumn Out Residue

  • Scrape All Grates


** Can be tailored to your needs

Parts Deep Cleaned in Our Tank:
  • Grates

  • Grate Holders

  • Smoker box ( if removable )

  • Drip Trays or Pans


Instpection of the Following:
  • Grates

  • Smoker Box

  • Smoker Body